Photo of the Day: Saturday 20th September.

Platform de-icer.


"When you find that things are getting wild, is that the hardest smile that you can ever feel?"

- It’s My Shadow, Ocean Colour Scene

I went to a comedy gig last night, which was aces. I may have mentioned before how much I missed live comedy when living in Korea. We went to gigs occasionally, but none of them were particularly great, and most of them were pretty damn awful. (A man issuing instructions to women on how not to get raped - not funny. Ever.)

Apparently where we went is a bit of an institution, though I have been away such a long time I had no idea. It’s at a pub called The Camden Head in Angel, North London. I don’t often venture that far as it is bloody miles away from my house and the northern line isn’t fun at any time, let alone rush hour. Though it must be said that even while I was on it, squashed and sweaty, I appreciated the fact that people let others off the train first, before getting on. I shall never not appreciate this ever again, actually.

The night is called Angel Comedy and they do it seven nights a week - all for free. (Donations gratefully accepted at the end of the night), and last night was great. Five acts plus an excellent compere. They have big name acts that pop in and do gigs there too occasionally, including Eddie Izzard. (Squeal! I love him.)

As it’s free, it’s a popular event. Funny, in itself, that. It’s in a room above the pub and only fits 80 people. The woman in front of us in the queue was number 74 and apparently had five friends coming. Not cool, lady, not cool. The guy writing the numbers on people’s hands (technology!) said no to that, otherwise it would have been me or Matt, not the both of us. Ha. We were numbers 75 and 76, which means, for all of you following along at home, that we just managed to get in. The woman in front of us turned out to be Korean. Because of course she was.

Hopefully we will go again soon. Well worth the entrance fee.

BOOM. Ending on a joke. This is why I go to comedy gigs and don’t perform at them.


Photo of the Day: Friday 19th September.

The Breakfast Club.

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Disney princesses tattooed

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Photo of the Day: Thursday 18th September.



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They told me they’d only recently been married. I asked if it was an arranged marriage or a “love marriage.” He answered: “a love marriage.” I asked where they met, and he said: “the telephone.” He then told me that he never actually saw her before the day of their wedding. 
"So when did you fall in love?" I asked.
"The third phone call," he said.

(Amritsar, India)

This is incredible.

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