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Things Are Queer, 1973 by Duane Michals

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Photo of the Day: Friday 22nd August.

Blythe in London.


I came home a little over three weeks ago and have so far had a very nice time, catching up with friends, going to the cinema (I understand the adverts!), drinking, dancing, eating ALL THE FOOD, and generally having a blast. But at the beginning of the week, I started to realise that it was time to start being sensible and get a job - what is it some of you smashing people call it? Adulting? That.

So yesterday I joined a temp agency that I worked for for years, a million years ago, and they set me up with an interview for this morning for a long-term temp role. I don’t want a permanent job as I plan on staying in London for about a year, doing my CELTA next year sometime, and moving to Poland next September. So I went for the interview this morning and I am very pleased to be able to report that I start on Tuesday. (Monday is a bank holiday here.)

I shall be a project administrator for a company building a new hospital. I will be based in the construction office, generally supporting all the engineers. This means working with a bunch of men, which means banter and good times. I am really looking forward to it, it must be said. It will be very different from teaching, but as I plan on teaching for the foreseeable future, working in admin again for a few months will be a nice break from kids!

And the job is down the road from my house, which never happens. Working 8.30a.m. - 4.30p.m. will be a bit of a shock to the system, as I’ve never been a morning person, coupled with the fact that I haven’t worked since May, and haven’t worked normal office hours for years now. Still, it really couldn’t have worked out better.

*I am job is a reference to Mrs Doubtfire. Robin Williams, before he gets hired by his ex-wife to look after his own children, calls her pretending to be a bunch of different people enquiring about the nanny position. That scene always made me laugh, and is my own teeny tiny tribute to the great man himself.



Czesław Borowczyk 1912-1995 (Polish), Castle Square with Sigismund’s Column in Warsaw, woodcut, paper,

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Photo of the Day: Thursday 21st August.

Tattoo book.



"When we graduate, my friend and I want to start an organization to teach people in rural areas how to read. I was volunteering at a clinic last year, and I saw a child die of Cholera because the mother couldn’t remember the prescription instructions."

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)

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  • Question: So why does Cracked CONSTANTLY push Feminist propaganda so hard? And let's not bullshit ourselves. You do. Just yesterday you published five articles. Two specifically referenced either Feminism or Feminist backed statistics. Conversely whenever you cover anything related to the opposition you not only mislead about their views... you straight up fucking lie about them and people let you get away with it because you're a "humor magazine". So I'm wondering why you propagandize *so hard*. Why? - mr-cappadocia
  • Answer:







    Because we’re true believers! 

    Let me take this moment to say how Cracked could have gone another direction 7 or 8 years ago, a more Maximy, Booby Gallery of the Day direction if not for the steadfast resistance of David Wong and Jack O’Brien. I barely acknowledge the side that opposes feminism, but Wong goes out of his way to understand people who are mad at feminists, and he writes about those views with more sensitivity and understanding that I could ever muster. 

    To sum up: We don’t have an explicit agenda but if one comes across, It’s not one I’m ashamed of. 

    Kristi is a liar. I remember the meeting where the Cracked brain trust sat down and was like “From now on let’s occasionally post articles that either directly or conspiratorially tangentially support equal rights for women so we can accomplish our ultimate end goal: Hack into the penis of every man and make it a smaller penis, or a penis that is otherwise laughable for a different reason upon which we all agree. It almost sounds TOO easy,” Jack said, as he (via the mainframe) hacked a young Robert Brockway’s penis. “I think my wife deserves my respect,” the now-neutered Brockway yelped.



    It is weird that we do it so constantly, when everybody knows that people only deserve equal rights and treatment between the hours of4 and 7 pm on alternate February the 29ths. At first we worried that we couldn’t cover it all with our current propaganda budget, but we were able to transfer some funding to supporting feminism from our “Don’t be an asshole” budget because it turns out they overlap completely.

    Look, I get it buddy. You’re pissed off because you’ve tried to be a good person your whole life and still you feel like you’ve been consistently stripped of the things you thought were guaranteed , and now there is a whole organized movement saying you still have too much, that you, just trying to live your life, is an affront to an entire gender. That’s a shitty feeling, but here’s the thing: no one is actually trying to take anything from you. That sickening feeling you have that your being robbed of basic human rights, there are people around you in your life who are feeling a worse version of that everyday. If you don’t believe me, look at any of the secret camera videos women have taken on the street to catch the verbal abuse they suffer, listen to any of the stories of guys who touch women on crowded trains and then smile at them as they leave because they know there’s nothing she can do about it, read any of the millions of accounts from human beings about the exhausting and demoralizing abuse they put up with every day. And you might not be the guy making them feel that way, I hope you’re not, but holy shit, you can actually help. You can help other people instead of standing in their way because it feels like another inconvenience. Finally, even if the absolute worse case scenario is true: this is one big conspiracy, Cracked and feminists and a huge chunk of the Internet are villainizing men unfairly and creating a culture where you’re no longer allowed to even voice your opinions without people getting angry- even if all of that is true- isn’t that worth preventing an inarguably high percentage of sexual abuse and dangerous objectification of your daughter/ your sister/ your wife? 

    Not all the stabs at equality will be smart, or entirely on point or even helpful. This form of feminism is new, chillingly new for how long this shit has been going on, and not everyone is good at it yet, but holy shit, friend, how can you argue against the aim of basic respect for another human being?



    I have a fun article coming for this guy.

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bentlesthebumblebuttking My shaved head with harpersmum back in 2011. :)

bentlesthebumblebuttking My shaved head with harpersmum back in 2011. :)


"Naughty but nice" movie poster by John Held Jr.


"Naughty but nice" movie poster by John Held Jr.

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